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CTCBIO, a company that studies and challenges human happiness and health


Corporate Culture of CTCBIO

A growth of a company with its passion and originality is enabled not through profit, but when the company is managed by true value.
Sincerity is the Most Important.
When one puts one’s heart into a task or a company with value, dreams that may seem impossible can come true.
This is How to Enrich Our Lives.

Frequent Sayings by CTC MAN

“ I’m sorry ”
A saying by a humble person on admitting mistakes
“ It’s okay ”
A saying by a person with great character on forgiving others
“ It’s good ”
A saying by a scholar of accepting and respecting others
“ Good job ”
A saying by a wise person on giving interest, courage and affection
“ It’s excellent ”
A saying by a noble person on respecting others through compliments
“ Thank you ”
A saying by a religious person on expressing gratitude to God
“ I love you ”
A saying by a sentimental person on building good human relationships
“ CTC ”
A saying by CTC MAN on pursuing success with the customers

Promise of CTC MAN

We will not pursue only for profit. We have the duty and challenging spirit for the future, and we will support the success of customers to create a company leading the development of pharmaceutical industry.


CTCBIO practices ‘Transparent Management’, ‘Autonomous Management’ and ‘Fun Management’ by emphasizing more value on integrity. Also, CTCBIO practices ‘Customer-friendly Management’ externally to seek reward from the service to the customers and carries on the sales strategy of showing sincerity towards the customers. CTC MAN will continue to change based on creativity, and lead the pharmaceutical industry on the movement of reforming the consciousness.


CTCBIO is always confident because wetake actionsover words. CTC MAN is really active and always on the go with special affection and passion. CTC MAN will continue to develop as an exciting group for a fun life through flexible mind and quick actions.


CTCBIO enables infinite growth potential through the customer-oriented spirit, leading technology and upright business philosophy. Also, CTCBIO shows a bright future through the challenging spirit of CTC MANthat is expanding their boundaries to the global market. CTCBIO will play a leading role in the future global market, and we promise to become the Global No. 1 Pharmaceutical Group.

Code of Conduct of CTC MAN

I can do it.
I can make impossible into possible.
Therefore, I’m a professional!

I can do it.
I can make impossible into possible.
Therefore, I’m a professional!

I can do it.
I can make impossible into possible.
Therefore, I’m a professional!

I always strive to improve my competency, and I do my best.
Therefore, I’m a professional!

I have a clear goal.
I have the devotion and passion towards the goal.
Therefore, I’m a professional!

I take the initiative in work, and I take responsibility in the result of thework.
Therefore, I’m a professional!

Success Strategies of CTC MAN

01Mutual Satisfaction

We are well aware of the common truth success is only possible by helping others, and we are practicing this through action. All members of CTCBIO are established with emotional sense of unity based on trust and reliability, and working autonomously because we share the dreams of the Company. We pursue WIN-WIN strategy based on reasoning and rationality, and wish to walk the path of success with the customers based on mutual satisfaction.

02Me First, Starting Now

We can never become No. 1 by following what others are good at. We are accustomed to speed management, so we always develop products and services ahead of others. And we also maintain the predominant position in the differentiated corporate strategy. Meanwhile, we shall take more risks than others, but also put efforts on having the wisdom of considering safety.

03Development of Potentials

What makes people surrender and be defeated is not because of the reality, but due to the fear in their heart. Therefore, efforts are required to believe in the ability existing inside each member, and to discover that ability actively. We believe in the power of a belief that enables the impossible to become possible, and we look forward to the infinite possibility through the efforts on self-improvement for strengthening the belief.

Motto of CTC MAN


I believe in the saying by Napoleon that ‘The word impossible is not in my dictionary.’ I will continue to overcome my limits and put efforts to actively develop my way of thinking and the power of execution. Also, I will never have pressure or be disappointed from failure.


I will act according to my reasoning and conscience. I am fully aware that wealth or power doesn’t last long when it was not obtained through truth and justice. Therefore, I will not be distracted by small profit or unfair benefit that is not helpful in accomplishing my ultimate goal.


I will always remember that everything around me are mentors, and never forget to have gratitude. I will continue to have the good and modest attitude on not doing harm to others when mankind can never achieve perfection anyway.


I wish to learn the proper way and the powerful method of cooperating with others. I believe that others will cooperate with me because I am serving others.


I will refuse hatred, envy, jealousy and selfishness by cultivating the mind of having love for humanity. That is because success cannot last long by slandering others. I believe in myself and others, so I must make others believe in me.


I wish to lay this motto on my heart and read out loud to enable such motto to dominate my mind and show in action, so that I become a more confident and successful person.

Habits of CTC MAN

A Habit of Having Good Manners

I shall never be arrogant, and always show proper conduct.
I am aware that being humble is the shortcut to giving good impression to others.

A Habit of Learning through Experiences

Work is a challenge of abilities, and a result of hard work. Therefore, professionalism is required in work. One must become an expert in that field regardless of its importance. Only those working happily as if enjoying a hobby are qualified to become a true professional.

A Habit of Sincerity

Only the sincere attitude can become the foundation for accomplishing big goals. Tricks and schemes are temporary, and it can easily fall into self-contradiction. I know the meaning of life, so I will maintain the sincere way of life.

A Habit of Keeping Promises

I am strictly keeping my promises. I am strict not only on the promise with others, but also with myself, so I ama trusted, sincere person to others.

A Habit of Saying HelloFirst

I have assertive nature, so I am more of a giver than a receiver. I have the habit of greeting first because saying hello is the first step to opening my heart and approaching others.

A Habit of Reading

I show no neglect in reading books during busy hours, so I can maintain healthy and creative thinking.

A Habit of HavingPure Smile and Happy Look.

Happy smile is the best tonic that is given to mankind. I am full of positive thoughts that something good will always happen, with a will of living a happy life.

A Habit of Complimenting Others

There is no perfect person, nor a useless person. I am never miserly on complimenting and learning from other’s advantages.

A Habit of Changing Crises into Opportunities

A company or a person has a repetitive rhythm of tension and relaxation, so slump or crisis can be experienced at any time. I am accustomed to handling the crisis flexibly and wisely.

A Habit of Thrift and Saving

Waste is the worst possible thing. Therefore, I use money only for constructive and useful purposes, and maintain the thrifty living and self-control.

Fun Working Life of CTC MAN

I’ll quickly go and get back from home.

I feel good when I go to work, and feel bad when I have to go home.
Do I go to work just for fun? Work is fun because I feel rewarding and sense of accomplishment from work,
and see hope and vision through work.

My hobby is working.

Work is a challenge of abilities, and a result of hard work. Therefore, professionalism is required in work. One must become an expert in that field regardless of its importance.
Only those working happily as if enjoying a hobby are qualified to become a true professional.

Forget about having loyalty to acompany.

Having affection and loyalty to the work is what you really need. The sense of ownership of the past and loyalty to a company are just expressions that force sacrifice to individuals.
A different way of thinking is required that the company exists because I work for the company. Only those who love their work, and are initiative and creative will succeed.

Busy people have no time to become sick.

The will and passion for work will maintain one’s health.
Therefore, there is a saying that ‘working with joy is better than aspirin.’

A company will grow when its employees are happy.

The employees of a company are those who enable management innovation. Good results can be achieved when the employees participate happily in management innovation, but an innovation will fail when the employees are depressed or neglected. Therefore, authoritarianism and bureaucracy are the ills of the past that must be excluded from an organization.

Work less and earn more.

Working hard thoughtlessly doesn’t guarantee good results. Companies want more smart and lazy people than stupid and diligent people. Efficiency and productivity must be considered in work.

Creating the best company in the world!

A company with high sales amount and profit, is it a good company? No. A company where employees can work happily and have big dreams and hope is a good company.Wealth and honor cannot be gained through obsession, and they are only by-products of proper values and belief.